Feel like there is a ceiling on your career?

At Rogue Risk, the sky's the limit.

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Rogue Risk isn't just a new model for the insurance customer experience, it's also an entirely new way of building your insurance career.

A "No Ceiling" insurance career.

Take control of your future...

...without bureaucratic, economic, or structural roadblocks.

Get the training, tools, and support to build the career of your dreams.

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Note from our Founder

When I founded Rogue Risk back in 2020, my dream wasn't to just revolutionize the insurance customer experience through our "Human-optimized" model, but to develop an infinite upside insurance career for the professionals that joined our team.

For the entire history of our industry, there has been a ceiling on how far you could grow your career. Whether it was bureaucracy, family dynamics, or something else; too many quality people have left insurance in frustration from a lack of upward mobility.

Your name shouldn't have to be on the outside of the building in order to build a career you're proud of, challenged by, and makes all your wildest dreams come true. 😉

We call this a "No Ceiling" insurance career. As a producer or client success associate with Rogue Risk, you are given the training, tools, and support to go as far as you want.

Want to be a big-time producer... awesome.

Want to own your own agency... amazing.

Want to take over the insurance world... tremendous.

At Rogue Risk, you control your destiny. If you work hard, persevere, and execute there is no governor on your growth potential.

If this sounds like the type of environment you'd like to be part of, I'd encourage you to apply today.

Yours in insurance,

Ryan Hanley
Founder & President
Rogue Risk LLC


Take control of your career.

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